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" But Oz has this reunion, he wants to go, and so he hasn’t lost himself in it; really, what I see Oz in Act One, is like he’s got the American bachelor dream on paper.This dude is put together and rock-solid and using all his talents that he has to make good.That doesn't go anywhere -- and also you can't create it; it's either there or it's not there.We all have seen plenty of movies where [you look at] the chemistry of the actor and actress and you just think, "Nah, I’m not buying that.” But it worked for us and it worked for the audience, so when we got back to it in Atlanta last summer, it was there.On the strength of positive reviews for his work in Election, Klein was cast in a low-budget comedy called American Pie, where he explained to virginal Jason Biggs that "third base" felt like "warm apple pie".

He sang in the school choir, ran on the track-and-field team, and starred in the drama club's production of West Side Story.And in , Oz is a little bit more understated, and to be an actor is to really expand the realm of possibilities of the human condition, if I may be so bold at 33 years old.And I’m just kind of getting started, and it's consistently trying to find my voice and where I fit in, and the movies that are available. THR: Do you feel at this point you’ve fallen into a comfortable groove with that kind of creative discovery?It’s a needle in a haystack operation here in Hollywood, and so it's about staying present in the moment and consistently finding my voice – and also just going for it, you know.It might not work, or maybe nobody sees it, but I’m going to work hard and I’m going to have fun and have the best intentions to try and do something [memorable].

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And it was on the page; I mean, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg did a great job of really completing that arc for us and we were able to show up and bring what we brought years ago.