Watch swing time fred astaire online dating

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Watch swing time fred astaire online dating

‘She was wearing the ring her father had worn in Top Hat and it was like being one step away from my hero.

I was blown away, especially when she complimented me on my dancing.’ Film buffs will look in vain for the sequence when Astaire uses his cane to gun down a line of men in tails.

Before Audrey Hepburn and her little black dress in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and long before Liz Hurley and her Versace safety pins, Ginger Rogers’ ostrich-feather outfit become known as THAT dress, for all the wrong reasons.

Phyllis Astaire, who suffered from a speech impediment and couldn’t pronounce her r’s, exclaimed: ‘She looks like a wooster!

Luckily it has no feathers, although in the film, Ginger Rogers designed her own costumes and concocted a white dress covered entirely in ostrich feathers for the Cheek To Cheek number.

The Astaire-Rogers style of dancing appears effortless, but it’s harder than forcing the retreat of a Panzer Division. ‘You have to keep so fit.’ With his graceful carriage, Chambers goes into a solo, flying across the room like a laser beam before coming to a perfect halt. Not even a bead of sweat shows on his brow, while I am like Niagara Falls.

’ So it is with Tom, who has more than stamina, he has what takes to lift him above the ordinary hoofer; grit, a passion that permeates his core and perhaps a touch of genius.‘In the show, I have mikes everywhere, including two in my shoes, so yes, it sounded very loud.

As one of Astaire’s exhausted partners remarked, ‘When you dance with Fred, you know you’ve been danced with!

Soon after, he was starring in a touring production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas when he heard of auditions for a new production of Top Hat.

Tom got the part and then, one day, while he was still in White Christmas, Ava Astaire walked into his dressing room.

" And of course, there is no comparison to the "Cheek to Cheek" number in the dazzling "Top Hat" (1935).

Ginger Rogers appears in a silky, white, floor-length dress; Astaire sweeps her onto the floor and they dance into heaven, as the song says.

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