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In terms of looks, I'd describe myself as right about average.Negatives: I'm only about 5'8", 145lbs (I do work out and go to the gym a lot, but will never be a huge, tall, beefy guy, which is a deal breaker for a huge % of women right off the bat, nothing I can do about that though), I'm not exactly a social butterfly in a group setting (although 1 on 1 with the right individual I can hit it off great), and I'm Jewish (totally open to dating women of different faiths or agnostic/unaffiliated, but a LOT of women, at least in this town, specifically are looking for guys who have a strong Christian faith).For example, the dating scene in Denver is VERY different from the dating scene in NYC.From my personal experiences and from people I'd know, as well as from reading past C-D threads, I would say, compared to NYC, Denver has a MUCH greater ratio of single men to single women (some have called it "Menver"-- most bars here are 75% dudes, it seems like), people in Denver get married at a much earlier age, and people in Denver who grew up here tend to make friends & date within well established social circles/ cliques that go back to college, high school, and before.You can't really be out of shape in the area if you have to dress like that.

Can't agree with some of the posts, which propogate the myth of attractive women in Phoenix.

There are a lot of beautiful women in the valley, especially in Scottsdale and Tempe. There are also meet up groups that might be interesting for you to look at.

Most of the women take care of themselves, although plastic surgery(which I never cared much for) is common even among younger girls. Scottsdale women tend to be older, and some say there are a lot of golddiggers in Scottsdale. I passed my 20s long ago, so am not qualified to give definite advice !!!

Which is fine but middle of the road looks similar to most cities are the norm.

I certainly agree that you have to make an effort to get out there and meet people, but I emphatically disagree that every other city is the same as every other city.

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In fact, there is no greater wealth of attractive people here, excepting monied areas just as with other cities.

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