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An impatient sweep of his ami flung van ous papers and file.s to the floui . Libra is a movable sign and a point of Intersection between I he equator and the ecliptic this explains his moderate nature.Mikki looked up m till ceiling lir s § 1 etc 1 8 * “S' 2 3 (0 c Ul s 1 know Or Manmohan Singh for a loiig time. But now 1 can see all the trails of a Congressman in him addressing a rally in Calcutta I now regret that I handed over the note which has caused embarasament to me and avoidable misunderstanding. Jupiter Is the lord of the third house, and Is in conjunction with Mercury (the lord of the ninth and 12th houses) and the sun (the lord of 1 1th house).

Its technology is constantly upgraded Waterproofing Division The Durable Witteiproo Ang Felt STPUm Ned by STP’.s R&D department.

Success m the invarive tixni rerailers the country is likely more of in the near future. ( .oinpiitci' ,Rifn to maintain low inventories and 101 .50 Rs 151.50 19/8/91 Buy Aoc(»Rs.33^- R$.3900/- '2/11/91 Buy J. AMBA BHAVAN, 84/B DEVJI RATANSI STREET, DANA BUNDAR, BOMBAY-400 009. Vajpayee is bound to get a position of prominence in Indian politics and he will definitely play an important role in forming a ministry at the Centre before March 1993 .

Corpor ate Fron t P AINTING A PKPTTY PICTURE: Managing director Atul Chokscy has helped Asian weather recession with great apkimb. protif margins, w'hile his ui.»i Vri\ng men are helping him retain his rural markers. Dusty, nomicscript and afflicted liy acute water scarcity it may be, but the little town has an uncanny knack of breeding millionaires Last year, its knitwear manufacturers together notched up an export turnover of more rhan Rs. For your annual subscription to Businen Today, pleaie send a Cheque/Demand Draft for Rs. He may suffer health problems between March 1993 and March 1996 because of the debilitated moon in Scorpio.

• 273006/4374664 ■ If you sprinkle when you tinkle.. The bartender pointed to the rear of the bar but Intoned sternly, "You go there, alone." ■ Through the first four holes in the golf course. "She’s cut me ofi' completely ." ■ Charlie was telling his tale of woe to Ills boss. Jersey but you haven't told me where 1 come from." and end up payii^ through your nose?

He said.'i was so drunk last night that I don't know how 1 got home. Changing your waterproofing felt frequently IS fxpensive — exactly you end up doing when you choose a cheap’ felt.

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^JAkbar in Tlie Tclcgraph We would advise politicians to stay away from the Ayodhya issue and not play with their own political careers. Ihe rate of inflation, which stood at 16.7 per cent in August 1991 has come downtoal^out r2.5percent ^Rameshwar Thakur, Union minister of state for finance IF YOU CAN’T PUTrr BACK, DON'T TAKE IT AWAY The earth's resources are depleting, f-iist. JCTUMITED AT jer WE ALSO THINK TWIUH • NYUW a POLYESTER YARN • COLOl Tt Pl Cm U:: TI: BKS • AUOY STEEL WIRES • POLYESTER STAPLL FIBRI Antlwm-Kn'l SSo.'Ji I \ I Cover S torie s COMING INTO THEIR OWN: The spate of nationalisation unleashed by thi' late Zulfikat AIi Bhutto after he rode a populist wave to pi^wcr left Pakisriin’s industrialists beaten and broken. Sharif occupying the Prime Minister’s office in Islamabad, and economic liberalisation progressing at a frenetic pace, Pakistan’s indusmalists are crawling out of the wc KKiwork and seeking a place in the Vajpayee Is a poet and had penned some touching poems when he was Jailed by the Congress government N U0£ SVi Nt I 5 during the Emergency. But for Vajpayee, the moon in the planet Scorpio does not allow him to get married and so remains a bachelor.