Mexican culture and dating

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The New Spain was part of the commercial route between the Philippines and Spain.

Spanish galleons sailed from Manila to Acapulco full of Asian goodies, including Chinese porcelain.

Talavera de Puebla is a majolica style pottery made in Puebla with the same techniques used in Colonial times.

Talavera brand is reserved by law to this earthenware.

Artisans from the village, located in Chihuahua state, have successfully reproduced the delicate hand coiled and elegantly painted vases and bowls made by the unknown early inhabitants of Paquime.

In Metepec, a town in the Toluca Valley, pottery making is a tradition since pre-Colonial times.

The oldest pottery pieces found in Mesoamerica are 4500 years old; this is the time when the population became sedentary.

Pantaleon became internationally known for his clay busts and figurines and created a tradition that lasts till today.

With their clay effigies and nativity scenes Panduro and his descendants enriched Tlaquepaque's pottery heritage.

Mayolica ceramic production, started in Puebla, is an example of this influence.

Contemporary Mexican Pottery reflects the cultural background of Mexican history.

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Nahuatl folk painting can be fully appreciated in the Barro Pintado colorful birds, flowers, landscapes and everyday town activities.