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8 simple rules speed dating

Very generally speaking, good looks and youthful vigor are indeed useful metrics for mating because they signal health.

Yet if lifelong love is what you are after, a smorgasbord of singles might propel you to make stereotypical selections.

As you might imagine, I did not find the love of my life.

Participants presented with a broad array of potential partners more closely aligned with their anticipated ideal did not experience greater emotional satisfaction than when presented with fewer options.

Even if meet-and-greet matching events might seem like the most efficient way to comb through many options at once, a wealth of data reveals that the context in which we make a choice weighs heavily on the outcome.

Speed-dating events can promote a particular decision-making style that might not always work in our favor.

Speed dating, by comparison, offers the opportunity to chat up many eligible singles in rapid succession.

In a typical speed-dating event, participants pair off at individual tables and chairs for a few minutes of conversation.

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Yet we need not be passive victims of our circumstances.

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